Join us for 20 days of EATING great food to take back your health and easily maintain it for life!

We provide:

Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner & dessert for 20 days

• Adapted, tailored and prepared for you
• Daily tracking and coaching to ensure sustained results
• Ready for pick-up 2x a week
• Nutritious and DELICIOUS locally sourced whole food featuring local products from The Unrefined Olive, Purebread Bakery, Poppa Bean Coffee Roastery, Kittley Beef and Waratah Downs to name a few

How much time do we spend contemplating food? Whether it’s choosing a restaurant or shopping for it, preparing it and then having to do the dishes? And then sometimes, it just doesn’t agree with us. Sometimes we know why, sometimes we don’t.

So why do the Plan?

So you will:
• Learn what foods and their combinations work best for you
• Better comprehend your food intolerances
• Create mental clarity and increase your energy
• Reduce stress, sleep better
• Get rid of aches and pains
• Increase muscular endurance
• Save time by not having to shop for food or prepare food or do the dishes!
• Be good to you!

BONUS You’ll lose up to 10% of your body weight!

How do you sustain this after the 20 days?
• We provide you with a personalized road map that will help you EASILY sustain your results and continue YOUR progress!

ADD-ONS to make it a full health and wellness VICTORY:
• 1 on 1 or partnered Strength Training including a complete individual assessment

To know more & get started:

Contact Coach Anna Barone at 613-686-1725 or email


I started training at Victory a couple times a week and then I had the opportunity to participate in The Plan. I love food, I am obsessed with food, and I am sceptical at regimented programs. I am also a small business owner with a very busy schedule. One thing I loved about this program was the freedom from thinking about food, shopping for food, and preparing food. I actually enjoyed the additional time I had to focus on other elements of my business and my life. I experienced calmness, greater focus, and sustained energy throughout the day. The meals were delicious and very satisfying, they reflected the high quality and carefully selected produce and proteins. The process identifies the foods that cause inflammation particular to yourself. It is an amazing way to identify what foods are friendly and what ones are problematic, it can be very surprising! A side benefit of The Plan was a loss in weight, inches, and increased physical endurance. It is a wonderful process and I highly recommend it!

Elizabeth Kilvert, Owner
The Unrefined Olive